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about me

Driven by the desire to make high-performing professional websites available for everyone, I founded Kampot Web Solutions in 2020

Previously, I was part of the team that developed walmart.com, the #2 e-commerce site in the world. For over 10 years, we ran the site from our Shanghai office.

Oddly enough, I can get very passionate about design, page load speed, and the beauty of lean code.

my services

impressive web design lets your website stand out

Web Design

I provide end-to-end WordPress solutions that meet business needs.

Whether you need a simple lead generation site, a tailor-made website with an integrated blog or a more advanced functionality with membership options, ecommerce tools or custom API integrations, I’ve got you covered.


This theme builder is every developer's dream. It allows extreme flexibility and does not add unnecessary code.

My clients love Oxygen because it makes websites load very fast. It is also very comfortable if clients want to make quick edits. And since I own lifetime licenses for all major add-ons, you won't ever have to bother paying license fees again.

I can turn your website into a very fast and reliable Oxygen website.
lightning fast websites thanks to Oxygenbuilder
Schnell zum Ziel mit SEO oder Google Ads oder Facebook Ads


If you want to rank on Google, you need to do SEO or SEA. I can help you with Google and Facebook ads or work out a digital strategy for your business.

Once you get traffic you have to engage your site visitors so that Google will start to recommend you. I help you identify the right content.

And please check out our SEO page. My websites come with many goodies under the hood. That's out-of-the-box high-performance.

    How can I help?

    Feel free to ask any question or simply leave a comment.

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    Email : support@kampotwebsolutions.com

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